10 Marzo 2013 – WORKSHOP Ethics, economics and sustainable development

  • 8.30 a.m. Welcome coffee and registration
  • 9.00 a.m. Welcome speech
  • ALBERTO BEMPORAD Director, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
  • 9.15 a.m. MARCO FREY Director, “Institute of Management- Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies” of Pisa
  • Sustainable development and corporate role betweenglobal and local dimension

Dean of Political Science at Luiss ‘G. Carli’ University of Rome
Sustainability and good economy
Professor of Political Science at the Department of Political Sciences,
University of Pisa
Ethics and corruption, ethics within corruption: the role
of moral costs as a prevention strategy
Moderator: ALAN FRIEDMAN, economist and journalist
Oil and Gas Vice Minister of Kazakihstan
CEO Sofidel S.p.A. and Corporate Social Responsibility Vice
President of Assindustria Lucca
11.00 a.m. Discussion
11.30 a.m. Closing speech
President of Assindustria Lucca
The workshop will be run in Italian.
Simultaneous translation Italian-English will be offered.
Bolat Akchulakov
Vice-Minister of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan and former chairman of KazMunaiGas
National Oil Company.
Alan Friedman
Chairman and Co-Founder of Stratcoms Development Ltd. (SDL), is a strategic
communications veteran and political strategist who has spent the past 30 years
as a media entrepreneur, former award-winning journalist with the Financial Times
of London, the International Herald Tribune and The Wall Street Journal Europe,
best-selling author (Agnelli, Spider’s Web), television talk show host, and a former
contributing editor of Vanity Fair.
One of Europe’s most respected economic and political commentators, and a well-known
TV personality in Italy, Alan Friedman has developed and managed national branding,
media outreach and editorial lobbying campaigns for heads of government, foreign
ministries and international organisations.
Alan Friedman is the only American journalist to have received the Medal of
Honour (1997) from the Italian Parliament and he has been awarded many other
acknowledgements for his work on global economy.
Marco Frey
University Professor and Director of the “Institute of Management- Sant’Anna
School of Advanced Studies” of Pisa. He is responsible of research projects on
environmental management, energy economics and management, corporate
social responsibility, industrial clusters, local sustainability and coordinator of
many projects founded by the European Commission. He is the leader of the SUM
– Sustainability Management Research Group, with the mission to combine the
knowledge of business management with the principles of sustainability, through
scientific research and empirical investigations. He is the President of the steering
committee of the MeS (Healthcare Management) Lab and chairman of the Global
Compact Italian Network, which is a body of the United Nations within the Global
Compact Program.
Luigi Lazzareschi
CEO and member of Sofidel Group’s Board of Directors, the sixth largest manufacturer
of tissue paper in the world (the second in Europe).
He has an MBA from USC (University of South Carolina) with a major in Marketing
and a minor in Management Science.
In June 2012, at the invitation of Global Compact Italy, Luigi Lazzareschi took
part at Rio +20 Corporate Sustainability Forum providing details about Sofidel’s
achievements within WWF Climate Savers program.
In May 2010 Mr Lazzareschi was invited by Connie Hedegaard, the European
Commissioner for Climate Action, alongside other distinguished business leaders in the
field of environment, to take part in Brussels in a round table discussion devoted to
the transition towards a green economy significantly entitled “Leading by Example”.
The Sofidel Group is owned by Lazzareschi and Stefani families. Over 40 years of
history (established in 1966) , 28 subsidiary companies in 13 countries (Italy, Spain,
Sweden, The United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Romania,
Greece, Turkey and USA), about 5000 employees, Sofidel is currently the sixth
largest manufacturer of tissue paper in the world. Investment in the people and in
the communities where it operates in; commitment to innovation and the quality
of production processes; transparency and the adoption of responsible social and
environmental actions – these are the underpinning values of the Group.
Sebastiano Maffettone
Professor of Political Philosophy and Dean of Political Science at Luiss ‘G. Carli’
University of Rome, where he teaches “Political Philosophy” and “Theories of
Globalization”. He taught in several Italian universities (Turin, Palermo, Naples and
Rome) as well as International universities (Harvard, Columbia, Boston College,
Tufts University, Paris, Dehli, University of Pennsylvania to mention a few). He
has also founded and edited philosophy journals (Notizie di Politeia and Filosofia
e questioni pubbliche) and research centers (Centro per la Ricerca e lo Studio dei
Diritti Umani and Center for Ethics and Global Politics), published scholarly articles
on different subjects, published and edited many books (among them: Rawls,
Polity Press 2010) and contributed to the public debate on various cultural issues
thanks to a wide network of international relationships, participation in seminars,
workshops and conferences in Italy and abroad.
Alberto Vannucci
Professor of Political Science at the Department of Political Sciences, University
of Pisa.
He collaborated with the Committee for the Prevention of Corruption, established
by the Chamber of Deputies.
Among his research fields are the analysis of the political-administrative corruption,
organized crime and illegal markets, neo-institutionalist theory, the dynamics of Italian
political-institutional system, policies against irregular work.
He is the director of the Master Programme on “Analysis, Prevention and Contrast of
Organized Crime and Corruption”, organized by Department of Political and Social
Science of Pisa with the NGOs Libera and Avviso pubblico.
In the last years he lectured in the Universities and Cultural Centres of Athens,
Bruxelles, Budapest, Caracas, Osaka, Poitiers, Manchester, Tubingen, Barcellona.
Among his books in English “The hidden order of corruption” (Ashgate 2012) and
“Corrupt Exchanges” (Aldine de Gruyter, 1999), with D. della Porta.